My Fictional Heroes(and why they inspire me.)

Heads Up: My name isn’t really Jules. I just love the character Jules from AIO and I used to know a SUPER sweet girl named Jules which is why that is my pen name.

A bit about me (before this post): I’m a teenage girl. I have natural (almost highlighted. but completely natural, I was born with this hair.) SUPER blonde hair, blue eyes, clear round framed glasses, and I’m the palest person you will probably meet. Last summer my sister looked at me and said, “Jules, I could shine a flashlight on you and you could replace a lighthouse.” after that she started calling me ‘beacon body’ ‘lighthouse limbs’ etc. (all joking.) ‘tan’ is not a word in my dictionary. I don’t ‘tan’ I burn. I will sunburn if I’m inside a house sitting my a window. (and since I spend basically my whole summer outside, I start the school year a nice shade of pink/red.) I love almost everything, I love musical theatre, theatre, singing, acting, dancing, playing sports, drawing, bike riding, writing, writing music, writing poetry, painting, art, hanging out with my friends, playing the piano, and ukulele, and I am a HUGE bookworm. Oh, and I LOVE movies, I’m a HUGE movie/actor/actress/Broadway/film nerd.

Luna Lovegood:

Image result for luna lovegood happy
Image result for luna lovegood fighting

When my mom read through Harry Potter she said: “Jules, there is a character in book 5 who you would love so much! She is so much like you!” When my brother read through he said “Jules, there is a character in book 5 who you would love so much! She is so much like you!”, when my sister read through them she sad: “Jules, there is a character in book 5 who you would love so much! She is so much like you!” so when I finally got to Harry Potter: and the Order of the Phoenix I was SUPER excited. And you know what? My family was right! (shocking, I know.) Luna is incredible. Like me, she is very um.. spaced out? She day dreams so much. For her, dreams are more comfortable than reality. She is kind. She respects all creatures no matter what others say against them. She also has an uncomfortable ability to tell the awkward truth. I look up to Luna, because even though people tease her, (like me) and tease her father she will stick up for him and for what she thinks even though there is no logic to her ideas.


Image result for Repunzel
Image result for Repunzel

This sweet girl, along with Luna, is set on her dreams, no matter how unrealistic. She is artistic, she will keep on trying, even is she seems to be failing. She is sweet, kind, but not as naïve as you would think. She was raised in a tower away from her family. She is funny, kind, and (I’m sure) super fun to hang out with. But she will do anything to protect her friends. (Pascel. 🙂 )

Annabeth Chase:

Along with what I said about Luna and Raps, can anyone not love Annabeth? (If you answered yes to that, don’t tell me. XD)

I’ve been thinking about what makes these… human? to me. One thing I love about them is that, they’re relatable(to me). They have struggles but it’s how they deal with them that I find inspirational. To me they are very relatable. I guess because we are all similar. wait…..

I just looked back through them… I look almost identical to all of these. (Except I don’t have magic 50+ft hair) … well.. I guess that’s why I find them relatable. Whenever I find a tough inspirational female that I look up to, she looks NOTHING like me, she is always super tough, and I’m not. I try to be, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not me. I’m a soft girl who loves. I love. I mean look at these popular fictional women: (also don’t get me wrong, I LOVE These characters!)

Peggy Carter:

Image result for Peggy Carter

Hermonie Granger:

Image result for Hermione

Wonder Women:

Image result for Wonderwoman
Image result for Wonderwoman

idk what you think but typically us blondies are portrayed as a girly-girl, sparkly, dumb, stupid, brat.

Image result for girl from Clueless
Image result for Chloe buchwa
Image result for annoying blonde girls from movies

need I go on?

I guess, I made this post to say why I loved Luna, Annabeth, Repunzel, etc. so much.

Well, I hope you liked this post! 🙂

-The Perilous Pen

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